Monday, March 4, 2013

Quality Care with your little one in mind

 I am now accepting applications, for children birth through three.

Kathy’s Home Daycare is an exclusive, premium, high quality daycare home that focuses on the care of children and the preparation of lifelong learners. My home provides a nurturing, environment with a great emphasis on education."It is my goal for the daycare children in my program to feel as part of the family and to feel the love and affection I share with my own children"

At Kathy’s Home Daycare I believe that providing a loving, safe healthy and educationally enriching environment is essential to the early development of your children. Having children of my own I know how precious your child is to you and how important it is to know they are being protected and affectionately cared for while you are at work. As well, you want to be sure your child is given the opportunity to discover his/her potential through enriching and fun learning experiences.

At Kathy’s Home Daycare I believe in respect for each child’s individuality and needs so that they, as well as their parents, may learn to develop a sense of security and trust in their new home away from home environment. Most important, I believe in nurturing a positive self-esteem and I am dedicated to enhancing your child’s physical, emotional, cognitive, social and creative development.

Wherever their curiosity leads to, there is something for every little one at Kathy’s Home Daycare.

It is my pleasure to work with each and every parent to find the right child care facility; if my home is not that place I will always offer a referral.

Kathy’s Daycare Home:

  • Children should be allowed to learn at their pace.
  • Children should be allowed to explore their environment freely and thereby learn freely.
  • Children are taught best by example.
  • Children thrive best in a family environment.
  • Children need consistency in caregivers.
  • Children learn and stay healthiest in a small group.
  • Children benefit most from a daily return to childcare.

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